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Martin Pankiewicz, Esq. focuses his practice primarily in residential real estate closings, including the purchasing of a home, selling a home and/or refinancing a home, the acquisition of multi family residential projects, condominiums as well as negotiating a short sale transaction. He provides his clients with the legal services they require in connection with their real estate closing.

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Services Representing Buyer

When you retain the services of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq., he will guide you through all aspects of the real estate transaction. 

  • Review and explain the contract of sale.
  • Help you to get answers to questions concerning termite, structural, and radon inspections, the zoning status of the property, restriction on property use and property insurance.
  • Assist you with your mortgage commitment and explain your prepayment rights.
  • Order and then review the survey and all title searches that will define the description, location and legal ownership of the property.
  • Help to settle any title problems.
  • Settle any problems regarding the transfer of occupancy, closing date, and possession.
  • Determine adjustments for taxes and other costs.
  • Prepare the final closing statement and other documents.
  • Represent you and advise you at the closing and make sure that your interests are properly protected. The closing is the meeting at which such documents as the seller's deed and affidavit of title and the note and mortgage are signed. The balance for the selling price is paid to the seller at that time.
  • Record the deed and mortgage and cancel any existing mortgages on liens.
  • Obtain title insurance policies covering your ownership interest and the mortgage interest of the lending institution.
  • Deliver all important documents to you for safekeeping after closing.
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