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Martin Pankiewicz, Esq. will take the time to develop and draft the right plan to ensure that your wishes are honored and help your loved ones avoid undue inheritance taxes. As he personally handles your estate plan, Martin Pankiewicz, Esq. will take a comprehensive look at your financial situation and use a variety of tools to come up with a plan suited to your needs.

Frequently asked questions about NJ laws Frequently asked questions about NJ laws

Why do I need a Will?

A will declares who shall inherit an individual's assets (the beneficiaries) and who shall be responsible for distributing them to such beneficiaries (the executor). If you die without a will, though, your spouse is only entitled to the first $50,000.00 outright. In New Jersey, he or she must split the rest of your assets with your children, no matter how young or old they are. If you have no children, your parents step into their place.

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